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  • breastfeeding Breastfeeding TechniquesNew Born Care in the first six months of life revolves around nutrition and adoption of good breast feeding techniques by the new mother. Breast milk contains nutrients that are vital for the infant.Malnutrition kills one out of three infants in India because of inappropriate feeding practices. The mother should know the technique of breastfeeding […]
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  • dementia care activity Modifying Activities to Meet the Needs of Patients Suffering from DementiaActivities are an essential aspect of dementia care and everyone should be able to do some type of activity. Keep in mind when taking care of patients suffering from Dementia that doing activities need not be complicated. The important thing to remember is to always base your activity on the patient’s abilities. Anything can be […]
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  • Dementia Ideas Dementia- A Nursing PerspectiveMr. S, aged 75years with the complaints of impairment of intellectual functions, impairment of memory was diagnosed with Dementia by a Neuro-Physician. Mr.Swas was apparently normal for the past 8 years but started to deteriorate in his cognitive functions slowly. Now he is taking anti psychotic drugs, anti-diabetic drugs and anti-hypertensive drugs. After an initial […]
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India home health care (IHHC) is India’s leading home health care service provider. IHHC has nurses and caretakers with different expertise levels for Elderly Care, NRI Care, Long Term Care, Palliative Care, Newborn care in Chennai & Bangalore and soon in other cities in India. IHHC Elderly Care is package designed for patients of old age. Our nurses care them like as their parents and help them with their dietary habits, health care tips, helping them in walking, bathing, dressing, eating & giving a very good medication and injections as required.
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