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How to make your newborn sleep through the night

How do you make your newborn sleep through the night? The fact is a newborn’s sleep patterns are unpredictable. And differ from ...
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Breast Cancer

Early signs of breast cancer all women should recognize

A sharp pain in your breast, some small amount of tenderness, a hardly noticeable lump or nodule – all these signs can ...
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elderly care

Exercising helps prevent falls, especially for Seniors

We all know someone or the other who has had a fall, and the resultant fractures or torn ligaments they have suffered ...
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We are what we eat

By any standard, the human digestive system is a marvelous thing. Like most of our organs, it has been set up to ...
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home nursing

Bad death or good death: End-of-life care in India

Forty-two years ago, a nurse working at the King Edward Memorial (KEM) hospital was thrown into a permanently vegetative state because of a ...
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Can Home Be Made Infection Proof

Can homes be made infection proof?

Nowadays, there’s a lot of talk about superbugs in hospitals and how patients who have had surgery or treatment in super specialty ...
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how to cook for seniors

How to cook for seniors

How to plan healthy meals that are interesting and excitingCan you look forward to tasty, healthy food at 60+? As we grow ...
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art of ageing

The Art of Ageing : With Grace, Dignity & Loved Ones

There are countless senior citizens who don’t want to go into an assisted living accommodation or a home – the latter still ...
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golden years at home

How to enjoy the golden years at home

How your parents can enjoy the golden years. In their own home Most of us don’t want to admit it, but as ...
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old age care

Common myths about exercising in old age

Why exercise? I am getting old anyway! Fact: Exercising, playing a sport or strength training in the gym will help you to feel ...
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chemotherapy care

What a patient needs by way of support during chemotherapy

Nowdays, Cancer patients undergo treatment as outpatients. They are not required to stay in hospital. But, cancer treatment can be very painful, ...
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palliative care

How to care for patients in palliative care

It’s a common question: What is palliative care? Put simply, Palliative care is a specialized form of medical treatment that focusses on ...
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