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What to do after an accident occurs

Home hazards are frequently a cause of accidents: loose stair carpets and rugs, poorly fitting footwear, slippers that no longer have sufficient grip or slip on a wet floor. Failing eye sight has elders struggling to see in low light, perhaps failing to see the top step of a flight of stairs or tripping [...]

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Nutrition Guide for Pregnant Women

What a woman eats and drinks during pregnancy is her baby's main source of nourishment and development. That’s why, experts recommend that mothers-to-be ensure that they have a variety of healthy foods and beverages to provide the all-important nutrients babies needs for healthy growth in the first nine months of their lives.A pregnant woman [...]

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Exercising your way to Retirement

Not so long ago, in India at least, the over-50 brigade looked forward to a post-retirement life of hanging up their work shoes, indulging in long post-lunch siestas and getting a little exercise from having their grandchildren running all over them. But this is no longer the case. More and more seniors are turning [...]

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We are what we eat

By any standard, the human digestive system is a marvelous thing. Like most of our organs, it has been set up to take considerable punishment. The foods we eat are often not the most ideal intake for this system. Nor are the schedules and timings that we subject it to. Medically referred to as the [...]

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Bad death or good death: End-of-life care in India

Forty-two years ago, a nurse working at the King Edward Memorial (KEM) hospital was thrown into a permanently vegetative state because of a sexual assault. She survived in that state for just over four decades, then died naturally. The Aruna Shanbaug case brought to light the limits of the lawas related to end-of-life care, which are really [...]

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Can homes be made infection proof?

Nowadays, there’s a lot of talk about superbugs in hospitals and how patients who have had surgery or treatment in super specialty hospitals end up going back with drug resistant illnesses. And yet, people worry far more about going home to recover post-surgery. There’s no reason to do so, providing proper care is taken [...]

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