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Motherhood is the most memorable time in a woman’s life. But the challenges that come along with motherhood can be quite frightening and worrying, especially if you don’t have adequate nurse care at home. Taking care of a newborn, the right way, will affect the overall development of the baby as he or she grows into a healthy, happy person. Nurturing and taking good care of the infant is crucial during this phase…an especially complex phase since babies can’t really express their needs. The newborn’s physiological systems are still developing and adapting to a strange, new external environment and the infant is still susceptible to many infections and diseases.

At India Home Health Care (IHHC), we provide superior home health care services to new mothers and their newborns. We provide specialized care for:

  • Premature or low birth weight babies

  • Babies with underlying medical conditions

  • Babies who have experienced trauma at birth

We can help you care for your little one – by showing you how to feed, change, dress, bathe and look after your baby safely and carefully. With the specialized help our caregivers provide, mothers can relax and remain stress free – which helps to enhance the bonding between mother and baby, which in-turn aids in the overall development of the infant.

It is widely acknowledged that the health and well-being of the new born, both physical and cognitive, is closely related to the health and well-being of the mother. The new mother also experiences many physiological changes during pregnancy; she may feel anxious and overwhelmed in the first few months after the birth. More so, if the baby was born prematurely or if the mother experienced any complications during pregnancy. Help and advice from trained and experienced caregivers ensures the best care for both mother and baby.

Specialist inputs from highly qualified staff

  • We can handle every medical complication that the new mother or baby may suffer
  • Mothers who have suffered high-risk pregnancies or require help with post-cesarean wounds are taken good care of by our specially trained nurses
  • Our trained home care nurses have the skills and experience to provide the quality of care the baby needs including guiding the mother regarding the most comfortable positions for breastfeeding
  • With the specialized training our NICU experienced nurses receive in infection control and hygiene, they are supremely capable of keeping infections at bay, which the new born is very susceptible to in the early stages