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Critical Care

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There are many, rational, emotional and medical reasons for moving patients out of hospital ICUs and providing them with critical care at home. An ICU at home, in other words. There are patients who are no longer in the critical phase of their illness, but still need ICU facilities and critical care treatment. There are patients who are at the end stage of their lives and could still benefit from being sent home, where ICU services can still be provided along with home care nursing. Long stays in the ICU potentially increases the risk of acquiring nosocomial infections, and would delay the start of rehabilitative treatments.

Delivering critical care under the aegis of home care services has several advantages, including:

  • An environment with reduced noise and night-time light assisting the return to a more physiological circadian rhythms and better sleep patterns.
  • More open visiting hours to allow unrestricted visits by relatives and friends
  • Convenient access to personal belongings, such as books, computers, tablets, TV, music players, etc.
  • Continuing intensive care services at home is also a more cost-effective and affordable alternative to the hospital ICU, and in better managing the patients’ needs.

Providing your loved one with 24/7 intensive care at home

At India Home Health Care, we deliver the highest standards of quality critical care at home for our patients. We appreciate that patients, requiring highly specialized intensive care, are in need of high end infrastructure support and continuous medical attention. Plus, ICU treatment in a hospital results in high medical costs while the treatment itself isolates patients from their families.

We, at IHHC, bridge this gap by providing the most comprehensive and medically sound supportive critical care in the comfort of your home, with our home health care services. We assure you:

  • Cost effective treatment with excellent clinical results
  • Health care at par with hospitals without the problems of additional expense and time spent on numerous hospital visits.
  • Quicker patient recovery

Living and recovering in a familiar environment has many psychological benefits including feelings of security; reduced risk of hospital acquired infections; and faster recovery.

How we provide quality critical care at home

The care we offer can be summed up as professional protocol led health care. Our highly qualified and experienced medical professionals, supported by our nursing attendants, visit daily to ensure quality care at home, carried out with strict adherence to protocols, supported by our clinical team.

Individualized patient care is provided under stringent doctor supervision. The patient’s personal doctor controls critical care treatment guided by a customized care plan. Progress is monitored through daily reports which are created as clinical data is captured on hand held devices at the patient’s bed side.

Comfort and convenience for the patient and the caregiving family. Aside from the reports to doctors for consultation, we give out regular patient health reports, disease counselling and patient education to keep the family informed and involved in the patient’s progress.

The specific components of IHHC critical care at home

  • Bed sore care
  • Critical care nutrition
  • Fluid Management
  • Parenteral feeding
  • Stoma care
  • DVY Prophylaxis
  • ICU infrastructure
  • ICU equipment
  • Wound care
  • Care of IV lines
  • Enteral feeding
  • Infusions
  • Physiotherapy
  • Tracheostomy & Ventilator care
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