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Wellness Services

We at IHHC prioritize in providing healthcare outcomes at your doorstep. On this track, we are glad to introduce a further step which enables healing and comfort through a systematic pattern under the caption of “WELLNESS AND STRESS- FREE THERAPY”.

Having mentioned the words Wellness and Stress-free let us understand what they actually mean. Wellness simply refers to a state of wellbeing in normal health for a prolonged period.

Then what is Stress-free? Stress is usually realized as an inbuilt physiological response to a demanding situation.This response to the external stimuli varies from person to person.If the individual is able to handle the situation and stimulus smoothly, then it does not result in stress to the physical as well as the mental state.On the other hand if it is beyond the capacity of control by the individual, it results in stress induced pathological conditions. Some of these to name are Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, loss of sleep, digestion related problems, lung disorders and even the mental conditions like Anxiety, Depression, etc so forth.

IHHC views this stress as “Speed of the Mind”. This is how it happens – the mind which is agitated during our various interactions with the outside world at large, gets disturbed and passes on this imbalance to the physical body. The body thus afflicted causes violent fluctuations in the flow of our Pranic energy or the vital life force in the channels of our body. As an impact of this, the food consumed does not get properly digested and thereby
results in most of the common ailments seen today.


The above-mentioned customized plan of therapy will generally include the following:

Adopting and adhering to a “life of Moderation” in our daily routine;

  •  Attitudinal change at the psychological level to combat the situation;
  • Loosening and stretching physical movements to increase the flexibility of joints and
  • Developing stamina, awareness and patience by practising simple methodical
    techniques of Yoga and Relaxation;
  • Breathing techniques or Pranayama to slow down the rate of thoughts in the mind;
  • Additional inclusions like Meditation, Counselling, Strengthening immunity
    techniques; and 
  • Nutritional diet and regimen as per Ayurvedic principles.
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