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Post-Surgical Care

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Undergoing a surgery is not an easy task and sometimes after a surgery or trauma, a person might take longer than usual to heal completely. Post operative care begins immediately after surgery. It continues for the length of the hospital stay and will continue after the patient has been discharged. Post surgical care – which will include home nursing – continues at home since hospitals do not have the facilities required for long term stays.

During such times, it is very essential to have home nurses or a nursing attendant to administer intravenous drugs or dress a wound at proper intervals or to help the clients perform their routine tasks. Our postoperative Trauma Care Plan is structured to meet each and every need that can help the client recover at a faster and more comfortable pace at home. Another benefit of having home health care is that it ensures quicker and more cost-effective recovery. The kind and level of postoperative care required depends on the type and seriousness of the surgery the patient has been through, as well as the patient’s past medical history. It involves making sure that all aspects of the patient condition are monitored and treated, including pain management and caring for the wound. As part of the postoperative care, your doctor and surgical team will tell you about any potential side effects and complications of the procedure you have experienced. As well as making sure that any fears and concerns you and your family may have, are allayed and you get the right kind of emotional and physical support during the recovery at home. We feel that at IHHC, we can provide the highest standard of home care nursing services you are looking for – and your clinical care specialists will agree that you are making the right choice in coming to us. Our team of health care professionals document the client’s progress and this is communicated to the treating doctor and the patient’s family members.


IHHC's postoperative team will typically include:

  • Surgeons and physicians who specialize in the condition being treated
  • Nurse practitioners, nursing aids and daily caregivers
  • Physical therapists
  • Access to any specialist services, as and when required
  • Other health care professionals


This will depend on the operation that the patient has undergone. Typically, all necessary equipment required for monitoring the patient’s condition and treating the patient will be provided – these will differ from case to case. But we assure you that only the latest, most up to date technology and equipment will be used in caring for the patient.



At IHHC, we understand and appreciate the pain, lack of mobility and psychologically debilitating after-effects you can suffer after any injury, illness and disease, post-surgery or just from the various issues that come your way as you age. Other than medical interventions, one of the key methods of getting you back into better physical shape and psychological equilibrium is through physiotherapy. Treatment delivered at home by an experienced physiotherapist, saves you the time and money spent in going to a hospital or clinic. Especially suitable for patients with limited mobility and busy schedules.

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