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Elder Care

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Taking care of elder parents, grandparents or any other close family member is not an easy task, especially when it comes to health. Ensuring that all their needs are taken care of in terms of their health and well-being can be complicated and can only be done with adequate trained and professional home health care services and support.

At India Home Health Care, we are aware of how difficult this role-reversal process can be and we step in to take care of those who once cared for you dearly - with our extensive health care plan for the elder. One of the important steps in providing elderly care involves evaluating the client's condition and needs, then working with their doctors to develop a health care plan that is effective and suitable for our client's medical condition.


Our specially designed health care package for elder care involves providing continuous support with the help of regular assessments performed by our senior registered nurses at home. These assessments are efficiently documented and are made available on the patient portal to keep our clients and their medical team updated with the latest health updates / developments of the elder patient.

The goal is to lend a helping hand to the hardworking children, who have limited time to take care of their parents’ health. Most grown-up children have to cope with the guilt of not being able to do more in taking care of their parents. Our elder home care services are designed with the objective of helping these busy caregivers and ensuring that their parents’ health is being taken care of effectively.

Geriatric Full Support Care is available for the elder who require round the clock care. Our team of professionals and caretakers for the elder understand the daily challenges of looking after seniors; they are armed with the training which allows them to take care of those who need assistance with daily life. Our elder care plans have been developed with the aim of encouraging the independence of seniors while taking care of them in the comfort of their own homes.

Basic Care

This is targeted at elders who require 24/7 assistance with personal care. Our medical care takers for the elder help with the client’s hygiene requirements, assist with mobilisation, help with their feeding. They also play a crucial role in promoting the mental health of the client by keeping them occupied them with various activities when they are up to it.

Advanced Care

This is for elders who require continuous monitoring of vital parameters and nursing interventions like injections, dressings, intermittent catheterization, etc., in addition to personal care. We offer male nurse services and nursing attendants at home. All our Geriatric Care packages include regular visits by Senior Registered Nurses, Physicians and Dieticians.

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