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What you can expect from IHHC Home Health Care Services: Introduction to IHHC

Ensuring the highest standards in quality home health care

It is vital that patients continue to receive quality clinical treatment at home after a hospital stay. And that is exactly what we provide. We back this up by effective communication and compassionate care which ensures that patients and family members understand how to manage their loved one’s medical condition, thus helping to prevent readmission to hospital.

Typically, the team who will be monitoring your family member’s condition will comprise a group of exceptionally qualified and experienced health care professionals or highly skilled nursing attendants, in some instances, depending on the patient’s needs

As a patient utilizing IHHC Home Health Care Services, you have the right to:

  • Receive the best quality, hospital standard home nursing services.

  • Be conversant about your, and your family’s, role in controlling pain, as well as possible limitations and side effects of any prescribed pain treatment – as prescribed by the patient’s doctor.

  • Have a qualified and experienced team member to evaluate your medical needs and the resources needed to provide the necessary care.

  • Staff credentials: India Home Health Care verifies all qualifications including

    • Education
    • Work history
    • Credentials
    • References
    • Stringent background check
  • IHHC also ensures that all potential team members undergo:

    • In-depth interviews
    • Rigorous written tests
    • Hands-on skills assessments
  • On-going supervision and assessments: All our home health care services personnel are supervised by a registered nurse (RN) clinical manager. The clinical manager makes regular home visits to ensure clients are receiving the highest quality care while also providing ongoing mentoring and support to every one of our health care team members.

  • 24-hour support: Our patients and their home care services team have access (at all times) to a 24-hour clinical support team member from their local office should any questions or concerns come up.

  • A patient and family centered approach: Our teams partner with clients and their families in providing care with compassion. We communicate regularly with clients, family caregivers, physicians, and other concerned people.

  • Exemplary education and training: Together with our partner BAYADA Home Health care, we are unparalleled in our commitment to providing education and training to our home health care professionals. Our health care teams continue to expand and improve the clinical skills through our:

    • Preceptor education programs
    • Experienced mentoring
    • Hands-on lab work
    • In-service programs