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Blog 2017-06-02T13:18:44+00:00

For many people, Christmas is often a lonely time.

Senior isolation during the festive season is a growing problem. Many people find themselves alone over the holidays. This is even more ...
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The Impact and Consequences of AIDS / HIV in India

The impact and consequences of AIDS/HIV in India “Whenever AIDS has won, stigma, shame, distrust, discrimination and apathy was on its side ...
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Critical Insights on New Born Care: From The Experts

Motherhood is the most memorable time in a woman’s life. But the challenges that come with motherhood can be quite frightening and ...
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Diabetes: The Silent Killer

14 November is World Diabetes Day and India is among the top three countries with an ever- growing diabetic population, according to ...
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The importance of getting children vaccinated

The other day, we found an article (dated 26th June, 2017) on the Vaccines Work website that announced, “Two historic steps forward: ...
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Dengue: By the numbers

Not so long ago, we had done a post on the prevention, treatment and cure for dengue. And, while these haven’t changed ...
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Arthritis: The pain, the problems and how to live with it.

People who suffer from arthritis just cannot figure out why there is no cure for this condition. Even alleviating the pain is ...
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Body Language

Straight from your heart. If your heart could speak, this is what it would say… I am approximately 340 grams in weight ...
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Why exercise and eating right should go hand in hand.

A lifestyle change was called for… And while I don’t want to boast, that’s exactly what I did. It started with long, ...
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How to deal with Dengue Fever!

When a person falls ill from Dengue, it’s initially difficult to make a precise diagnosis. The symptoms mirror those of other illnesses, ...
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How to take care of your heart – at any age!

As a wise man once said, what goes around comes around. Your choice of lifestyle today, will affect your well-being tomorrow. Particularly ...
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Alzhiemers. What it does to the Body, Spirit & Mind.

Alzhiemers. What it does to the body, spirit and mind. This is not to be taken in the usual sense of the ...
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