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Education and learning is a continuous process. And for any industry to grow and improve, the workers in that space must learn, imbibe, absorb and deliver the best practices and protocols to serve that industry, to the best of their ability and knowledge. And, this is especially true of today’s fast-changing home healthcare environment.

Medical advances, technological innovations, clinical and scientific progress compels the home healthcare sector to keep abreast of all the latest in information and practices in science and medicine. The healthcare industry knows that its deliverables are only as good as its employees…and key players, such as India Home Health Care, believe their employees are their greatest asset. The company is committed to investing in training programs that keep India Home Health Care (IHHC) on the cutting-edge of new protocols and technologies. Hence, IHHC takes great pride in having set up the country’s one-of-a-kind Simulation Lab – the only one in India.

How does the Sim Lab help?

It allows IHHC to support and encourage their physicians, nurses, clinical care specialists, aides, attendants, and allied health care professionals, to enhance their skills and expertise.  All medical and nursing staff at IHHC receive industry-leading, ongoing training to advance their clinical management skills in the Sim Lab. It allows clinical professionals to gain hands-on experience, and practice high-tech and complex care skills. The company’s training curriculum and speciality practices build confidence, ensuring that the staff confidently and expertly deliver quality care at home.

Benefits of Sim Lab training

  • Unmatched quality in patient care
  • Recognition as experts in providing clinical care at home
  • Up-skilling staff helps in hiring and retention
  • Experiential learning offered to nurses and other health care professionals, prepare them for the work place while also benefiting the rest of the health care ecosystem

Training programs practised in the Sim Lab

  • Tracheostomy and Ventilator Care
  • Basic and Advanced Life Support Systems
  • Intensive Care Nursing
  • Orthopaedic Care
  • Cancer Care

The objective of this Sim Lab training centre is to provide nurses and clinicians with a safe and realistic environment in which they are introduced to best practices in patient safety and quality care. At the same time they learn to think critically, solve problems, and provide care in a safe, non-threatening and nurturing environment.

Simulation of real-life emergencies, as well as daily care needs, give nurses the opportunity to learn, practice, and enhance their clinical skills. There are very few such centres available in the country. BAYADA is the one home care provider in the US to have three such simulation labs – giving them the unmatched advantage of being the recognized experts in tracheostomy and ventilator care at home.

Stand-out features and technology

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Medium to high-fidelity mannequins
  • Best practices training programs designed by Bayada

The clinical simulation training programs offered at the Sim Lab, are unique to home healthcare services. Access to BAYADA’s innovative simulation training helps prepare  nurses in delivering the highest-quality care. The skills they learn and practice in the Simulation Lab also help them to respond quickly and efficiently to medical emergencies, keeping clients safe at home, and out of the hospital. Making healing and recovery faster and safer.


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